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Unknown Species
Arch Window Gallery, Ryde, Isle of Wight.
April 5th - 30th, 2023.


The series on display ‘Unknown Species’ explores organic and otherworldly forms through clay, incorporating patterns and textures onto the clay's surface to lend to the curiosity and strangeness of the work. She likes having elements of uncomfortableness in her pieces, for example the chosen colours seeming quite bodily, fleshy and visceral. Then the organic tentacle-like spikes on the works seem like they are growing and trying to reach out to you, lending to the title ‘Unknown Species’ like they would belong to the same species and ecosystem if they were alive. The process undertaken for these larger sculptural works is an important factor, as it provides a meditative process to solely focus on each step as each piece is made through the method of Coiling. Which involves rolling out clay into a long thin sausage-like form, which is wound round like a spring. Making a vessel with coils is accomplished by placing them around the circumference layer by layer and gradually increasing the height, in the end the layers are blended together to bond the clay.

Monkton Arts: Open Art Exhibition
Monkton Arts, Ryde, Isle of Wight.
March 20th - 30th, 2023.


The piece Unknown Species 01 was selected to be a part of Monkton Arts Open Art Exhibition, where up to 50 artists displayed work in the Acons Gallery.

How to Make an Asteroid Workshop
Dark Skies Festival, Brighstone, Isle of Wight.
February 17th - 18th, 2023.


I was invited to lead ceramic workshops during the Dark Skies Festival, where people of all ages joined me in making hand held asteroids using air drying clay.

Curios Exhibition
Art_House_Life, Isle of Wight.
July 22nd - 31st, 2022.
Click here for the exhibition booking and here for the Art_House_Life website!

Curios is an upcoming group exhibition featuring local, national, and international artists who together form a diverse mixed meda show. The title being inspired by the saying 'cabient of curiosites' as each artist's work fills this house turned gallery to the brim whilst surrounded by domestic settings.
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